^^^cardigans and coffee

likes: books, cowboy boots, foxes, red nail polish, Taylor swift, fashion, ice hockey (barzy), f1, pianos, my bed, flowers, airplanes, pancakes, history, vinyls, cindy kimberely, sapphics, enemies to lovers, cute animals.
dislikes: victim complexes, people eating loudly, ‘we were liars’, school
characters: Eden Mcrory. Avery Grambs, Anna Chevalier, Hannah eaden, Juliette cai, Ellis Haley, jake connelly, summer di laurentis, Parisa Kamali, the core six, Noah shaw, Tella dragna, Jude Duarte, London noble + more
ships: annaelise, marashaw, brennelly, londongrayson, evelyncelia, addieluc, hannahgarret, lilo, coballoway, felicityellis, judecardan, willtessa, kultisal, bakerhannah, romajuliette, averyjameson, wesper // also I love Pacey and joey form Dawson’s creek

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music: Taylor swift, Lana, Gracie, the nhbd, artic monkeys, nirvana, hole, mazzy sta, Tyler the creator, frank ocean, Brent faiyaz, sza, Radiohead, cigarettes after sex, Harry styles, the smiths, blur, giveon, Steve Lacy, fleetwood Mac,Conan gray + more (basically my taste is basic asf)

’we are all stardust and stories’

> Bonnie
> she/her >bi
>cancer >entp/enfp
>15 >england/uk

books: ta6, off campus/briar u, addicted/Calloway series, hnits, tvd, soc, pjoverse, dangerous girls, CoHo, tshoeh, A lesson in vengeance, daisy jones, sjtr, inheritance games, the way I used to be, Lauren Asher books + more.

BYF: I’m a minor, I talk about books, or I scream about them, I type a LOT in capitals, I curse, sometimes spam tweet, sometimes tweet about needing to buy a pair of pretty boots, talk about tv shows and films sometimes. Also I over share, example a being this.

DNI: basic dni criteria(homophobic, racist, sexist, etc), -14 or +23, Stan unproblematic authors(u can like they’re books idc), talk about sjm books excessively, disregard people’s mental health.

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tv shows/movies: Gilmore girls, htgawm, b99, young royals, tvd, teen wolf, little women, buffy the vampire slayer, angel, Dawson’s creek, maze runner, outer banks, gossip girl, the o.c, dead poets society, queens gambit, pll, peaky blinders, prison break, pirates of the Caribbean, before sunrise trilogy, barbie movies, barbie and the three musketeers, stuck in love, butch Cassidy and the sun dance kid, 12 angry men, Hitchcock movies, the proposal, love actually, howls moving castle, high fidelity, fight club, cruel intentions, out of Africa, labyrinth.